November 01, 2005

BLAS Code Red: Senate Doors Closed at Request of Dusty Harry

In response to today's closed door meeting of the U.S. Senate called by Senators Reid and Durbin, the SOTR Department of Blogland Insanity has temporarily raised the alert level to Code Red.

UPDATE: The SOTR Department of Blogland Insanity met behind closed doors late this evening and decided to lower the BLAS status to Code Yellow.

October 31, 2005

Lefty Whining Begins: BLAS to Yellow in Wake of Scalito

BLAS Status Update Alexandria, VA. After lowering the BLAS to code blue for several weeks in the wake of extreme infighting among conservatives and republicans, the SOTR Department of Blogland Insanity has decided to raise the BLAS to code yellow. President Bush today announced his nomination of Samuel Alito to replace Justice "Sandy Baby" O'Connor. Despite the arrival of cooler weather associated with the autumn seasonal change, all citizens are instructed to brace themselves for a blast of "hot air" from the whining of the left.

September 04, 2005


After immediately lowering flags to half staff at SOTR headquarters, the SOTR Department of Blogland Sanity announced that the BLAS alert level had been raised to Code Orange.

President George W. Bush is expected to quickly name another nominee to the high court, his second nominee in as many months. The SOTR sincerely hope and anticipate that President Bush's latest nominee will warrant sharp criticism from the left.

August 01, 2005

BLAS to "Code Orange"

In response to W's recess appointment of John "The Moustache" Bolton as US Ambassador to the United Nations, the SOTR Department of Blogland Sanity has unilaterally raised the BLAS level to Orange/Whine.

Readers are advised this announcement comes just before 12:00 pm EDT. Reports of increased deliveries of scotch to the offices of Ted "Scotch" Kennedy cannot be readily confirmed.

July 28, 2005

BLAS Service Restored

Due to a technical difficulty outside the SOTR corporate network (mainly, a primary electrical circuit being severed near SOTR headquarters) BLAS service was temporarily interrupted Wednesday and early Thursday. SOTR personnel worked through the night, temporarily interrupting one SOTR's vacation, to ensure the proper vendors restored service as soon as possible.

July 19, 2005

BLAS to Code Red (Screech)

With the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the SCOTUS, the SOTR Department of Blogland Sanity has raised the BLAS to Code Red/Screech.

Citizens are urged to use care when listening or viewing liberals in general, and the Junior Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer specifically.

BLAS to "Code Orange" (Whine)

Fox News is reporting W's SCOTUS pick could be announced as early as today. In anticipation of this announcement the SOTR Department of Blogland Sanity has unilaterally raised the BLAS to Code Orange/Whine.

Citizens are urged to view the MSM with increased suspicion as the sounds emanating from the liberals' collective mouth may cause damage to your sanity and well being.